Salt Rash Problems for Divers

Salt rash, also known a neck seal rash, is a common problem for scuba divers. What starts off as just a minor irritation can soon develop into an unsightly red sore skin rash around your neck — it is not surprising that it is often called Hangman’s Neck.

Neck seal rash results from salt water seeping into your dry suit’s neck seal. The combination of evaporating sea water, the salt residue left behind and the latex component of your dry suit can irritate the delicate skin of your neck leaving you chaffed and sore. Soon, if left untreated, this diver’s rash can become so severe that it will completely spoil the enjoyment you derive from scuba diving. Not only will you find it uncomfortable to wear your dry suit, but the damage inflicted on your skin can persist and cause on-going problems in your normal, everyday activities.

Since Derma Shield remains bonded to your skin for up to 5 hours, despite constant contact with water, one application will provide protection for the duration of your dive. In fact, since Derma Shield’s protective layer is only lost as your skin sheds naturally throughout the day, one 500ml can will last the average person 15 months or more.

In severe cases, if not treated, the salt rash can lead to raw, brittle skin. Brittle skin will not stretch as nature intended, instead it will start to split and crack, which may lead to a very painful and embarrassing problem. In addition, raw split skin is susceptible to infection.

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How Derma Shield Helps Stop Neck Salt Rash

Your skin will be protected from salt water and the potential of latex irritation.

label_important Derma Shield is formulated so that it bonds easily to your skin (yet still allowing your skin to breathe and perspire normally) providing an invisible shield that protects against a whole range of skin irritants.

Derma Shield will reduce the intense itching and soreness that usually accompanies diver’s rash.

label_important One of the many top quality ingredients contained in Derma Shield is Aloe vera. This natural plant extract nourishes your skin and relieves sore itchiness.

Your skin rash won’t look so red and feel so raw.

label_important The formulation of Derma Shield contains several high grade emollients that quickly sink into your skin, however unlike normal moisturising creams Derma Shield’s emollients do not clog the skin or feel greasy.

Your skin will look and feel healthy and your dry suit will not suffer either.

label_important Derma Shield is clinically and laboratory tested to protect, moisturise and nourish your skin. However, since Derma Shield provides a non-toxic, inert solution to your skin problems, it will not degrade the effectiveness or increase wear and tear on your dry suit.

Derma Shield can be used by divers of any age and can be used on any area of skin.

label_important Derma Shield is formulated using only the best ingredients available and is kept free of all fragrances to ensure its compatibility with nearly all skin types.

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