Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is as important as choosing the correct artist to produce your body art. Having a tattoo is probably one of the most visible ways of self expression. It says a lot about you and who you are so its important to take care of your tattoo from the moment you leave the studio.

Creating a tattoo involves making a wound. Just like any open wound it is important to take care of your tattoo to minimise the risk of bacterial infection but also to ensure that all the hard work of your tattoo artist does not go to waste. An infected tattoo will not only cause you pain and discomfort it can also lead to far more serious health consequences. In addition a tattoo infection can have a seriously detrimental impact on what your chosen design actually looks like once the infection clears up.

Most tattoo artists will agree that the quicker the tattoo healing time the brighter and longer lasting the colours will be. If the wound scabs excessively and then splits your pride and joy can end up looking a complete mess, that may, in worst case, even need surgical removal.

As one user said:


My last tattoo involved over 21 hrs in the chair so I’m no stranger to tattoos and know I need to have excellent aftercare. In the past I have used [product name removed] but I have found it hard work to apply and it always seems to leave a sticky residue on whatever I come into contact with. With my last tattoo Brent (Brent’s Tattoo Studio, Dunstable) applied Derma Shield immediately after he was finished and then I applied more three to four times a day. The thing with Derma Shield is that you don’t know you’ve got it on your skin and it doesn’t leave any marks on furniture or clothes. What was amazing was the way it stopped any swelling and I couldn’t believe how quickly my tattoo healed without any peeling.

G.D. (Bedford)


How Derma Shield Provides Tattoo Aftercare

Skin that breathes and perspires normally will heal quicker. The quicker the tattoo healing time the more the ink is held in and the better your tattoo will look.

label_important Derma Shield’s formulation is not petroleum based so will not clog your pores and will not “drain” the colour.

Keep your fresh tattoo infection free to ensure it looks as you and your artist wanted it to.

label_important Reduce your tattoo healing time. Aloe vera and vitamin E are both well known for both antibacterial properties and their positive impact on healing skin.

Spend your time enjoying your life and admiring your new body art rather than spending ages trying to rub in thick or sticky preparations.

label_important Derma Shield is dispensed as a light and easy to apply mousse that can be used on any area of your skin and is especially easy to apply over large areas.

Don’t scratch it! Why risk damaging your fabulous investment.

label_important Sometimes, despite the fact your artist has used the best products available, you may find yourself with an itching tattoo. The ingredients in Derma Shield will break that itch-scratch-itch cycle and because there are no fragrances it is unlikely to make it worse.

The better your skin looks — the better your tattoo will as well.

label_important Properly moisturised skin always looks good and the top quality moisturisers contained within Derma Shield will play their part in keeping your skin looking healthy.

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