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Do You Suffer from Dry Skin?

The chances are that you will sometime in your life. At any given time, it is estimated that 25% of the developed world’s population suffer from dry skin. That equates to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Thankfully, dry skin is a condition that is usually easily treated.

Dry skin symptoms differ from person to person. Some people experience only a mild, itchy inconvenience. For others, the onset of dry skin can degenerate into an unsightly and painful chronic condition. In the most extreme cases, the skin may become chapped with areas of raw soreness that can be susceptible to infection.

The precise medical term for dry skin is xerosis cutis. This heralds from the Greek word xeros that translates simply as dry.

However, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis are other medical terms that are in common use to described symptoms that include dry skin. In addition, dermatologists often refer to the fish-like scaling of severe dry skin incidents as ichthyosis.

Healthy skin is smooth and supple. The epidermis, or outer layer of your body’s skin, is topped with a thin layer of natural lipids. These fatty substances help maintain the skin’s correct level of hydration. Dry skin can result when these lipids are removed by over zealous washing or by using harsh soap products.

Normally, as we age we find that our skin is more prone to dry out and become flaky. In these cases, itchiness may become a problem. In fact, the majority of retired people suffer from dry skin to some extent. Women are particularly susceptible as changes in hormone levels can contribute to the natural effects of the aging process on our epidermis.

People with diabetes may be more prone to dry skin, as are those suffering from thyroid imbalances and other medical conditions. Similarly, those with a restricted diet are susceptible. A healthy, varied choice of foods is vital in maintaining the skin’s health.

It is pleasing to realise that most incidences can be easily cured. Following a few simple guidelines is usually effective for most people.

Dry Skin – Adopt a Sensible Personal Hygiene Routine

Always use a mild, fragrance free soap or lotion. Cosmetic ingredients, especially those designed to impart a fragrance, can irritate already sensitive skin. Remember, sweat smelling sore hands are still sore. Avoid using a harsh sponge. Likewise, cleaning brushes. Scrubbing your skin clean may remove grime and dirt, but it will also likely remove your skin’s own protective layer of essential lipids.

Cool showers are preferential to taking a bath, But, if you must bathe, only use lukewarm water and do not soak yourself for a prolonged time. Any tightening or wrinkling of the skin after cleaning indicates that the water was too hot. If you regularly have wrinkled skin after washing, you may be causing damage to your epidermis.

Dry Skin – Moisturise Often

Using a moisturiser is critical in addressing dry skin problems. However, always use a moisturiser that is fragrance, and preferably, alcohol free. The fewer potential allergens that your skin is in contact with, the better. This will rule out many cosmetic moisturising creams and lotions.

Derma Shield has been clinically tested and is a toxic free moisturiser. It provides a thin microscopic shield that protects whilst still allowing your skin to perspire and breathe naturally.

The best time to apply Derma Shield is immediately after washing whilst your skin is slightly damp. This will help to lock in the water that is vital for keeping your skin supple. One application of Derma Shield will continue providing protection for up to five hours.

Dry Skin – Be Aware of Your Environment

Dry skin problems are often worse during the winter months. Seasonal, cold drying winds act to draw the moisture out of your skin. So, ensure that you are adequately protected with a scarf, hat, gloves and other windproof clothing.

The dry, warm heat produced by central heating can have the same effect of drying out the skin. Humidifiers, especially in the bedroom, can be effective. But, the best approach is to directly moisturise your skin.

And, Finally, Be Self-Aware

Monitor the timing and severity of your dry skin outbreaks. You may be to identify an activity or circumstance that has a detrimental effect on your dry skin condition.

Contact with irritants play a major role in causing and exacerbating dry skin and related problems.

You may find your hands particularly dry after undertaking gardening tasks. Chemicals used in gardening products or contact with certain plants, or even contact with just the soil, are all known to potentially induce adverse skin reactions.

Does wearing certain clothes appear to coincide with a noticeably deterioration in your skin quality?

Try to avoid synthetic materials. In particular, underwear should be cotton rich and loose fitting. Your clothing should never chafe. Natural materials allow your body to perspire unhindered.

A change of washing powder or washing liquid can also help to eliminate any skin irritation.

Maintaining a personal log, detailing everything that you eat, wear and do, is a major aid to becoming self-aware and being able to identify underlying causes of dry skin.

Following these few common sense guidelines should reduce or alleviate most outbreaks of dry skin. However, it is important to realise that if your skin condition is persistent, or the area affected feels hot or painful to touch, or the onset is rapid, then you should consult your doctor.

Keep Your Skin Looking Soft and Feeling Smooth

Derma Shield contains pharmaceutical grade Aloe vera and vitamin E which aids the skin’s natural regenerative process and helps maintain supple, soft, smooth skin. In addition, its microscopic protective layer forms an effective barrier against allergens, helping alleviate the source of contact dermatitis. One application will normally last for up to five hours and give you the confidence to continue with your life without the fear of dry skin.

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