Skin Problems Caused by Acetone in Nail Polish Remover

If you’re worried about acetone in nail polish remover, you’re probably most worried about skin contact. If acetone contacts your skin, it can become red and irritated. Under chronic exposure, you’ll get red, dry, cracked skin. Also, a little acetone will get absorbed into your body, but it’s not enough to be worried about.

Derma Shield will protect against this, Derma Shield will also assist the skin in recovering from existing damage in as little as 3 weeks if applied to the skin daily.

The way in which Derma Shield works is that it is absorbed into the skin giving your skin all the nutrients and emollients that are required to keep your skin healthy and in good condition. Where Derma Shield is very clever is that it then locks these nutrients and emollients into the skin and produces a barrier on the top layer of your skin so that most irritants such as acetone in nail polish removers and others that you may come in contact with are not able to soak into the skin and cause dry, cracked or damaged skin. Derma shield will stay on for up to 4 hours despite repeated washing, you cannot feel or see Derma Shield on your skin however it is still there protecting and keeping your hands looking and feeling in great condition.

How Derma Shield Can Help Treat Damaged Skin

Derma Shield contains antipruritic ingredients.

label_important Derma Shield is a 3 in 1 skincare cream that is formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are extremely effective at dealing with a range of skin care problems. Derma Shield contains an antipruritic to help relieve skin irritation.

Derma Shield provides a microscopic barrier that protects damaged and sensitive skin — even after repeated washing.

label_important Derma Shield forms a waterproof shield on your skin that stays effective for up to four hours despite repeated washing and your skin continues to breath and perspire normally. This gives your skin a chance to heal from any existing conditions, whilst pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as vitamin E and Aloe vera, nurture your skin to keep it in top condition.

Safe and gentle — can be used on any area of your skin.

label_important Derma Shield is steroid free and is manufactured using only the finest non-toxic ingredients possible.

Derma Shield moisturises and nurtures your skin to keep it in top condition.

label_important As Derma Shield is applied to your skin it releases nutrients such as vitamin E and Aloe vera as well as other top quality emollients.

Want to Prove to Yourself How Effective Derma Shield Is?

We’re so confident in the unique way in which Derma Shield works that we urge new customers to try it without any financial risk. We are the only company in the skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

Derma Shield — Medically Quality Assured and Proven to Solve Your Skincare Concerns.