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Derma Shield was first formulated in 1991. Benchmark Skincare, previously known as Benchmark Technologies, was formed in 1994 and has been solving skincare concerns worldwide ever since.

Derma Shield prevents irritant contact dermatitis by providing an invisible, non-greasy and non-toxic barrier that protects all skin areas. It can also protect against most skin abusers, such as harsh soaps and detergents, alcohol, oil and grease, solvents, chemicals, paints and inks. It provides emergency protection againsts bases and most acids. Derma Shield also helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance and allows skins to breathe and perspire normally.

Derma Shield is manufactured in the United Kingdom to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485:2016.

Our Guarantee verified_user

We have so much confidence in Derma Shield’s ability to solve your skincare concerns that we would like to offer you this unconditional, no quibble, guarantee.

Try Derma Shield on your skin for up to 90 days.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations please return it for a complete, no quibble refund.

We are the only company in the skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

With this unique guarantee you can quickly prove to yourself what thousands already know: Derma Shield solves skincare concerns!

Our Quality

Derma Shield is manufactured in the United Kingdom to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 13485:2016 is an internationally recognised quality standard. It demonstrates our commitment to quality and ensures that we minimise risk, maximise performance, and meet customer expectations throughout design, manufacture and delivery. We do not purchase a bunch of random ingredients, mix them up and sell them. Each ingredient is carefully selected, suppliers are vetted and audited, extensive trials are undertaken, each batch is quality controlled, checked and tracked throughout the supply chain. All this to ensure that the product you buy and put on your skin is as safe as it can be.

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Technical Information


File Name Description Language Revision
ISO-13485-Certificate-MD-664193.pdf EN ISO 13485:2016 - Quality management system for medical devices. English 6th March 2018
Cyber-Essentials-Plus-Certificate-exp-20-03-2020.pdf Cyber Essentials Plus. English 21st March 2019

Safety Data Sheets

File Name Description Language Revision
SIS_Derma_Shield_Aerosol_V6_0_EU_EN.pdf Derma Shield Aerosol Safety Information Sheet English v6.0
SIS_Derma_Shield_Lotion_V5_0_EU_EN.pdf Derma Shield Lotion Safety Information Sheet English v5.0
SIS_Derma_Shield_Cream_V2_0_EU_EN.pdf Derma Shield Cream Safety Information Sheet English v2.0


File Name Description Language Revision
MEDIAPRODPROF-Rev2.1-Product-Profile-Leaflet.pdf Derma Shield Product Profile Leaflet English Rev2.1
MEDIAPRODGUID-Rev2.0-Product-Guide.pdf Derma Shield Product Guide Leaflet English Rev2.0
MEDIAMEDBOOK-Rev2.0-Medical-Brochure.pdf Derma Shield Medical Brochure English Rev2.0