Chapped Hands

Chapped hands, especially during the winter months, are a problem for many people.

As soon as the leaves start dropping from the trees, the cold drying winds of autumn will leave unprotected skin vulnerable. Then, as Christmas approaches, the icy weather of winter can lead to dry, sore, chapped skin — especially on the hands.

However, with just a little care and attention, chapped hands are usually easily treated.

Unfortunately, in the course of our normal, everyday modern life, we unintentionally subject our skin to a variety of chemicals and potential allergens. These impurities can seriously affect our skin’s ability to function efficiently. For most people this is not a major concern — until the ice of winter begins to bite.

Cold drying winds can rapidly act to further deteriorate skin that is already suffering dryness due to moisture loss. Combine the chill of the outside with the low humidity warmth of centrally heated buildings and suddenly the outlook for skin can be rather downcast.

This is when the skin can become sore and chapped.

Derma Shield contains a moisturiser and antiprurtics in its unique formulation. These, combined, help tackle the cause and symptoms of chapped hands.

As one user said:


I decided to try it as my hands are sore and chapped. After a week of use, I have noticed an improvement and my hands are less itchy. I’ve found Derma Shield is very easy to use and is quickly absorbed and best of all, non- greasy.


A number of professions and trades, such as; cleaning, catering, metalwork, hairdressing, healthcare and mechanical work will exacerbate the chapped skin. Chapped skin and chapped fingers are not uncommon. Approximately 13% of the population per year visit their GP with a skin complaint. Dry or chapped skin accounts for over 70% of these visits.

As another user said:


As a post lady I suffer badly from painful chapped fingers. Sorting the mail first thing in the morning strips my hands of all natural oils and then I spend 4 or more hours out of doors in all weathers with only fingerless gloves for protection during the winter.

I came across your website a few weeks ago in an attempt to find something that would stop this from happening, ordered some Derma Shield and have been using it twice a day for just over a week now. Amazingly my painful split fingers have healed. Nothing has ever worked like this before. Thank you so much.

J.L. (UK)


How Derma Shield Plays an Important Part in Treating Sore, Chapped Hands

Smooth, supple skin helps keep your skin irritation free.

label_important The Aloe vera and vitamin E ingredients of Derma Shield, along with its pharmaceutical grade moisturisers, soothes and maintains skin hydration and its antipruritic qualities eases the soreness.

Eliminating further damage to your skin aids a quicker recovery.

label_important Once applied, Derma Shield provides a microscopic, protective layer over your skin. This layer is designed to allow your skin to breathe and perspire naturally but inhibits irritant contact.

Remove the possibility of exacerbating your skin condition.

label_important Derma Shield is hypoallergenic, being steroid and fragrance free. If you have dry, itchy skin you need to eliminate exposure to possible allergens and Derma Shield achieves this by being totally non-toxic.

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