Skin Irritation Treatment

Skin irritation treatments are many and varied. To most people the choice on offer is baffling.

If you are faced with an annoying skin irritation, you may be tempted to give it the odd scratch and then continue with your daily chores.

This is definitely not the best choice to make and it is certainly not a substitute for proper treatment. Firstly, you will not be addressing the underlying cause.

Secondly, you are in danger of falling into the itch-scratch-itch cycle, whereby scratching enhances the irritation which in turn increases the desire to scratch even more.

For anything more than the occasional itch, which is perfectly natural, you should be looking to treat the cause — especially if the itch recurs in the same area of your body.

The best approach is to use a cream or lotion that will treat the condition in addition to soothing the skin, thereby addressing the irritation symptoms. By moisturising your skin with a product that also contains an antipuritic agent you will be achieving just that.

Moisturising will aid hydration and help restore suppleness to your skin. This will lessen dryness and inflammation and is the foundation upon which most skin irritation treatments are based.

Aloe vera is a natural, well known antipuritic that soothes the skin and has also been associated with many other benefits including aiding digestion. When applied externally, it generally reduces the urge to scratch.

Vitamin E is known to be important in promoting and maintaining healthy skin. It has also been linked with a number of other more general health benefits.

Derma Shield combines both these ingredients in its unique formulation.

As one user said:


I received my first 50ml order of Derma Shield just under a week ago. I’ve been really pleased with the product so far, and I have already placed my second order for the 150ml can.

I’ve had terrible dermatitis on my hands for as long as I can remember which is easily irritated by soaps and household detergents. When I’ve been to the doctor in the past with my complaint, I was simply prescribed harsh steroid creams that only make my condition much worse — I now avoid steroid creams like the plague...

G.S. (Essex)


How Derma Shield Plays an Important Part in Your Skin Irritation Treatment

Soothes your skin to keep it itch free.

label_important The Aloe vera contained in Derma Shield provides good antipruritic properties. This reduces the urge to scratch and helps prevent inflammation and soreness.

Moisturises and promotes healthy skin which aids the healing process.

label_important Derma Shield’s pharmaceutical grade moisturisers help maintain your skin’s correct hydration levels whilst the vitamin E encourages a healthy, smooth, supple outer layer. This is an important part of any skin irritation treatment.

Protects against further exposure to possible irritants.

label_important A single application of Derma Shield provides a microscopic, protective layer over your skin for up to 4 hours. This layer, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe and perspire naturally, will inhibit direct contact with irritants that are a common cause of itchy skin.

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