Itchy Skin on Hands

Itchy skin on hands can be caused by many factors, including; eczema, dermatitis and scabies! Indeed, irritant dermatitis is a common condition, accounting for a significant proportion of occupational skin disease.

Itching hands can be embarrassing and distracting.

Nature provided us with a very efficient covering — the skin. Healthy skin is very effective as a first line of defence however in the present environment the skin comes into contact with harsh substances and irritants as an integral part of everyday life. As well as a number of common substances that are harmful on the skin, each and every person has different substances that irritate their skin, causing soreness and itching skin on hands and other areas of the body.

The need to scratch can make the itchy skin on hands become raw and even draw blood. It is a vicious cycle in which the itching causes the soreness however because the need to scratch becomes so strong it is difficult to break the cycle.

How Derma Shield Can Help Itchy Skin on Hands

Vitamin E and Aloe vera contained within Derma Shield complement each other to soothe sore skin.

label_important This acts to break the itch-scratch-itch cycle that many sufferers of itchy skin on hands find to be the biggest problem.

Pharmaceutical grade moisturisers replenish and lock in the correct amount of moisture allowing the skin to heal.

label_important Meanwhile, the microscopic shield protects from external irritants that might normally exacerbate the skin itch.

Derma Shield is completely non-toxic and steroid free.

label_important It can be used on any area of the skin and it can be applied as often as is desired.

Derma Shield only disappears through sublimation of dead skin cells, so one application will last up to four hours despite repeated washing.

label_important You don’t lose your sense of touch and there is no need to re-apply every time the skin gets wet.

Want to Prove to Yourself How Effective Derma Shield Is?

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