How Skin Works

Understanding how skin works is often a first step in dealing with your skincare concerns.

The skin is often described as the body’s biggest organ and is certainly the most outward sign of how healthy you are. For our purposes here we can say it consists of three main layers: The outer one that we all see is the Epidermis, the layer immediately underneath is the Dermis and the third layer is Subcutaneous Fat.

Working together they fulfil many functions, including:

At the same time, your skin absorbs, to various degrees, what is applied on it and selectively allowing certain substances to enter your body through your pores.

From the above it can be seen that skin condition can be affected by both external and internal factors. For example, it is commonly understood that if we were to eat garlic and then perspire heavily the garlic odour will be noticeable in our perspiration. Similarly, if we were to rub garlic on our skin then the odour would be detectable on our breath.

From the above simplified understanding of how skin works, it is a short step to realise skincare problems can be caused by a multitude of factors that can come from either inside or outside of our bodies.

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