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Aids cleaning and hygiene at the end of your working day — Because Derma Shield inhibits external substances from sinking into your epidermis, cleaning your skin at the end of your working daya is aided and dirty contaminants wash away more easily. Your hands will no longer look grubby with ingrained dirt and grime.

Provides emergency personal protection — Derma Shield does not replace personal protective equipment (PPE). However, if your PPE fails, or you get splashed unexpectedly, a pre-applied application of Derma Shield will provide temporary emergency protection against many acids and bases throughout the pH scale, including sulphuric, hyrdochloric, nitric, phosphoric and citric acids.

Protects your skin from common hazardous industrial substances during your working day — Derma Shield's microscopic shield protects against oils, greases, petrol, diesel, dyes, paints, inks, resins, mastic, adhesives, fibreglass, most solvents and general industrial dirt and grime.

Safe to use in food preparation areas — Derma Shield may be used in food preparation areas as it is non-toxic, fragrance free and will leave no residue when handling foodstuffs.

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