There’s more to Gender than Genitalia

Whilst equality rules in the day of today, there are still many  obvious differences between men and women that are hard to ignore.  Mostly comical, we spend our time trying to make the opposite sex  understand us and be like us, but would we really want them to be the  same? After all, what would we have to ridicule if they were? 


Whilst women covet a relationship that provides “significant personal growth” the man will wish for the same, although both meanings are entirely different!

As the snake said to Adam, “If you want to know why they’re called the opposite sex, express an opinion!”

Women are renowned for wanting hearts, flowers and romance, whilst
men are only too happy to oblige, as long as the effort results in a

In the Workplace

Although women earn as much as men now, it’s no surprise that still the man’s corporate ladder is longer and higher than the women’s.  When a female lawyer asked her boss when women would receive his wages, he replied, “Saturday Night!”

Yet as women continue to declare, “A good man is hard to find hence why more women are employed in the workplace.”



It’s no coincidence that car insurance for women is cheaper than a man’s as this is one area where their competitive streak comes to the fore!

A man would rather be two hours late for an appointment than ask for directions whilst a woman would be two hours late for the appointment as when stopping to ask for directions they end up in a deep and meaningful conversation about the correct shoes to wear for the autumn weather!

Yet women don’t possess the logical part of the brain which enables them to efficiently reverse and parallel park, and many women joke that the only time they do show any type of logic is when taking off the rose coloured glasses when enduring PMS!

In Conversation

Unless on a first date and keen to impress it’s rare that a man will endure a deep and meaningful conversation about the future without thinking, “I’m a commitment phobic, get me out of here!”

Whilst women love to talk, plan, and delve deep into their partners mind, a man is quite simply happy with the superficial. If she smiles, and looks ok, and his life is easier with her in it, she’s the one for him!

Women love to clear the air through the art of an argument, men love
the making up, but not the earache in-between. Generally it goes like

Woman: I want to have an argument (the topic is never normally anything important; maybe he hasn’t noticed her new haircut)

Man: Well having an argument for the sake of it is stupid!

Woman: So you’re calling me stupid now? (Ding Ding round one begins!)

With Friends

Most men would be mortified if they knew what women divulged to their friends. Do any of them know that a girl’s best friend will have detailed knowledge of his genitalia, will have his full history in bullet points, will know all about that bully at school that maybe contributing to his lack of openness now, and will know everything about his previous relationships, even if said partner hasn’t divulged them. (Women have Google and Facebook now a name is all it takes.)

Yet a man’s best friend will quite simply know a few points about their new girlfriend.

How fit she is

How good looking she is

How attractive she is!

With all these differences it’s hard to understand why we love each other so much, but then opposites do attract! 

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