Skin Health Care Whilst In The Garden

Skin Care In The Garden – Why You Need Derma Shield

If you are a keen gardener, you will know how inspiring it is to be outside cultivating your land and watching plants mature. Spending time outdoors is wonderful for your physical and mental health but whilst you are reaping these rewards, you may not notice the incremental damage being done to your skin.

Every garden poses a range of hidden threats to healthy skin, causing it to dry out and lose flexibility. Differing pH levels in soil, plant saps and chemicals in common pesticides can all cause irritation, accelerating the damage. Dry hands are not only a nuisance; brittle skin often starts to split, allowing bacteria to enter.

However, skin that is kept in top condition will act as a barrier to most mild potential irritants, reducing the risk of infection.

Derma Shield can help you maintain healthy skin in three ways: it moisturises, nurtures and protects.

Derma Shield has been designed to maintain normal moisture levels, whilst locking in key nutrients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. At the same time, the product forms a shield around the skin, locking out potential irritants.

Derma Shield’s protective barrier has been created to stay in place for up to five hours and withstand repeated washing.

Used when gardening, our product will repair previous damage, protect against additional dryness and reduce the risk of infection from external substances. Furthermore, Derma Shield’s defensive layer repels dirt and makes it easier to wash off all the garden grime.

We are so confident in Derma Shield that we offer a ninety day money back guarantee.

So, why not discover healthy skin for yourself? Order a can of Derma shield, test it for three months and if you are not happy with the results you will get a full refund.

Our website offers a secure British server to process your bank card, or you can make payment through Paypal.

Our passion for skincare has led to the development of an incredible product: a look at the testimonials on our blog reveals how Derma Shield has helped maintain healthy skin for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.
Once you have tried the product for yourself, perhaps you would let us know how you get on?

We love to hear back from all our customers.

Peter Friswell, Managing Director

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