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Florists jobs – Dermatitis and skin care


Florists jobs are usually regarded as a pleasurable hobby rather than
a 9-to-5 grind to earn a living by the people working in the floral
sector.  Enthusiasm for the job is easy to understand.

People with florist jobs constantly have their creativity challenged –
beautiful bouquets do not just magically assemble themselves as some
people seem to imagine.  In addition, you also need to be adept at
dealing with people.  This is a major part of your job.  As a florist
you are asked to undertake a role in the most happy, and the most sad,
of occasions in other peoples’ lives.  Perhaps that is what makes the
job so demanding and, ultimately, rewarding.


Florist jobs – An on-going concern

Skin health care within the florist industry and for people with florist jobs is an on-going concern.

Indeed, the Health & Safety Executive report for Work Related Dermatitis and Skin Disorders 2007 – 2009*
stated that the highest estimated rates of contact dermatitis reported
to dermatologists (EPIDERM) were from floral arrangers and the florists job sector.

In fact, the latest figures report that there are in excess of 29,000
new cases of occupational dermatitis occurring each year in the
United Kingdom.

Considering that florist jobs involves handling plants, plant foods
and preparations along with frequent and repeated wet work it should
come as no surprise that your hands are susceptible to work related
dermatitis and associated skin care issues. 

Remember, your
hands are the tools of your trade and, as such, should be afforded full care and protection.

To keep your skin supple and in top condition, you will need to
employ a product that moisturises, nurtures and protects.  Further, as most people who have a florist job
constantly have their hands wet, any product you use should be
water-resistant and continue giving protection even with constant hand
washing.  As with all skin disorders, any product you apply should also
be hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and allow your skin to breathe and
perspire normally.

So how will Derma Shield help people with florists jobs in their everyday work?

Nurture the skin and help to keep it supple. Supple skin
doesn’t split – it stretches.

  • To aid faster skin recovery
    Derma Shield contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers such as Aloe Vera
    and Vitamin E that are locked in to keep the skin supple.

Go about your day confident that your dry skin is being
moisturised, nurtured and protected.

  • Because Derma Shield is designed
    only to come off the skin as it sheds naturally, one application will last for
    four to five hours despite repeated washing.

Stop any further aggravation of the sensitised skin and
enable the skin to recover quickly.

Derma Shield’s microscopic
shield ensures that, in most cases, any substance causing the skin to dry out
is no longer in direct contact with the skin.

Improve your skin hygiene at work and home.

Derma Shield has a natural anti bacterial action
that enhances any skin sanitation method you use as it will continue to lower
the colony count on your skin by a factor of ten for up to 4 hours.

Want to prove it for yourself?

As the manufacturers we have supreme confidence in Derma Shield’s ability to solve your skin care concerns. This confidence translates into giving you four options to try Derma Shield in your own workplace, yet we take all the risk!

  1. Take a Risk Free Trial and prove for yourself what thousands already know.
  2. Buy online now. Use a credit/debit/corporate card and buy from as little as one 50ml can and take advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee.
  3. Send us your corporate order for case quantities by e-mail or fax and we will open a corporate credit account for your organisation. If Derma Shield doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us three to four weeks after you receive your delivery and we will collect all full, partially used and empty cans for a full price credit against your account.
  4. Alternatively, order from your preferred industrial supplies company. Send them an order and ask them to contact us.

We are the only company in our industry that has the confidence to offer this level of guarantee. The only reason we can do this is because Derma Shield actually works – It will solve your organisation’s skincare concerns!

Derma Shield – your solution to florists jobs skin care





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