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Derma Shield personal testimonials


Below are just some of the many testimonials we receive from people who have found out how Derma Shield can help them keep their skin in top condition.  To read more testimonials or to add your own comments visit our Customer Feedback page on the Derma Shield Blog.


I use Dermashield on my underarms to stop eczema from dye in clothing. Dermashield stops the eczema developing, and I can wear my clothing without irritating my skin. SH. (Cardiff)

I have seen a definite improvement in the skin on my hands. I have had very dry skin on my hands for a few years now which split and crack. this can be painful at times as well as unsightly. Due to the nature of my job (I work in the mornings with young children) I wash my hands a lot which contributes to the problem. VH. (Hull)

Since using dermashield my hands no longer feel dry, flaky or tight and they haven’t been cracking or splitting. I put it on before I leave the house in a morning and my hands are fine while at work. I have also noticed another benefit, it is much easier to clean paint and marker pen of my hands after doing messy play with the children! EF. (Chichester)

I have really found a difference to how my hands feels this winter. They are much softer and the effects last all day. I will let my friends know how good this really is. JK. (Rochester)

My husband is a gardener with deep cracks and incredibly dry skin- this is the only cream that is effective. I am a nurse with multiple skin allergies but have no reaction to Dermashield. Was scared to use it at the demonstration but have since been hooked. Would recommend it to anyone! LC. (Reading)

I am so glad I ‘took the plunge’ and tried your product as the benefits are fantastic. I can guarantee I will be back for more.TS. (Blythe Bridge)

I have had Dermatitis for about 4 months and found the Steroid creams were no longer helping my skin. In desperation I searched the Internet and found your website. After the first application of your cream I noticed a great improvement. AC. (Marton)

I have been suffering with an acute flare up of my allergic contact dermatitis, it has been so bad with my hands infected and swollen that I have been unable to work as my job involves typing. I was researching on the internet for the umpteenth time when I came across your site and read with interest what your product claimed to be able to do for sufferers like myself. I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical when I placed the order as I have tried so many different lotions and potions – but was extremely happy with the results. CG. (Blyth)

Thank you so much for your brilliant product and for your excellent customer service. You really do have a most remarkable product. It seems the only thing that us sufferers need do IS TO USE IT! Regards to you all. YB. (Lancs)

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