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Derma Shield doesn’t
desensitise the skin. So I can feel that fluid on my hand. So, if it had got
there through a hole in the glove or something, I would know about it and I
would be able to get to irrigation to wash it off before I suffered any major
burns. That’s hydrochloric but it’s also effective with sulphuric, nitric and
many other acids and bases right across the pH range.

A lot of people say to
me, well it looks good, but I bet it’s expensive. Derma Shield is good. There
are no tricks here at all. But, Derma Shield is not expensive. In a 550ml size
can here, believe it or not, there’s enough for one person for about fourteen
months. All you need to protect your hands is about a golf ball size. And, in
the can you’ve got about 550 applications. And, this size can will also fit
into a wall-mountable dispenser.

In addition, we have
two other sizes of cans as well. We have the 150ml which has got around about
160 applications and the 50ml for personal issue which contains about 55

So, with Derma Shield,
it moisturises, it nurtures and it protects your skin. A top quality product to
solve today’s problems. Gentle enough for a baby’s bottom or a young child’s
face. But, tough enough to protect a pair of working hands.

Why don’t you find out
for yourself how good it is?

Try Derma Shield and
find out for yourself what thousands already know.




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