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  • “Hello Thomas,
    I would to take this opportunity to confirm some details about the “Derma Shield Product” that my company London Underground Signal Department have being using for over a year. The staff have being using the product have said to me that it has improved the condition of their hands. Secondly it forms a good barrier for their hands,they use it on a regular basis and very happy with its introduction and availability in the workplace. I too use this product Derma Sheild and it has so many benefits in its use.
    Maurice Keenan
    London underground”

  • Hi been using you product now for around 7 years now without it i would have no business. im a tattooist using this I can now wear gloves to work hope this does the same for you my case was bad so I know that it will brent tattoo artist

  • Wow Derma Shield
    Your product I bought from you and have been using for over 2 Years now is just the Bees knee is all I can say about it

  • I live in Canada and in September of 2016 I had an Illiostomy reversal surgery. The results were not what we hoped and I am awaiting surgery for a permanent colostomy.

    My skin was so irritated that even water was painful. I tried all the barrier and zinc creams I found but nothing helped. My daughter, who is a makeup artist told me about your product. Dermashield has made an incredible difference! Thank you so much.

  • Derma-Shield is A must have product for all technicians from all industries as well as other professionals like hair stylists, often in contact with chemicals and colouring materials, i could never go without it, There is no SUBSTITUTE.

    For years I have been using ordinary barrier cream in my porsche mechanical & body-repairs workshops till i discovered this unique product.
    I keep one in the car one at work and one indoors for when I use chemicals and degreasers in the housekeeping.

    Needles to say that i totally RECOMMEND this product for anybody to try, you won’t be disappointed.

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