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Clinical Update (April 2012)


Key Findings

• Derma Shield pre-treatment reduces skin barrier damage and inflammatory response caused by exposure to sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) compared with untreated skin

• Derma Shield aids healing of damaged skin


Study Aim

Study Design

Contact Irritant Dermatitis


TEWL is an important parameter used to assess skin health; healthy skin generally has a lower TEWL compared with damaged skin. Derma Shield significantly reduced TEWL in patients with a history of atopic dermatitis that were exposed to SLS compared with un-protected skin. The application of Derma Shield after the study period resulted in a faster skin healing rate compared with un-treated skin.


Erythema, or skin redness, commonly occurs in skin that is directly exposed to an irritant. Derma Shield reduced the severity of erythema in the skin of subjects who were exposed to SLS. Furthermore, the extent of erythema in patients who applied Derma Shield in the days after exposure to an irritant was greatly reduced compared with unprotected skin).





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