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Photo Competition Launches

Here at Derma Shield we take skin care and skin protection seriously.

However, we also like to have a little bit of fun. We were wondering exactly where some cans of Derma Shield end up once they have left our office.

We are sure that many of you must have a photo or recall an incident where your can of Derma Shield made you smile and brightened up your day.  Remember, it’s humour that keeps the world turning – and Derma Shield means the world to us!.

So, if you have taken your Derma Shield to an interesting or fun location, let us know about it.

Derma Shield launches its photo competition with a bang!

Celebrating the launch of the Derma Shield photo competition

Or, maybe, you just keep or use your Derma Shield in and around the home or at work, but it still brings a smile to your face.  If so, why not share that smile with us and our readers?

Take a photo and send it in to us. We have a small prize waiting for the best one received.

  • Where has your Derma Shield been?
  • What do you use your Derma Shield for?
  • Where do you keep your Derma Shield?
  • Derma Shield and you?

Join in the fun and submit your own photo

Submit your photo competition

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