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If you have something good to say, or even if you have a complaint,  this is the place to discuss issues and interact with other users of Derma Shield.

Customer Services will also be ready to answer any particular concerns that you have.

But remember, this is your space to raise any topic you wish.

If you are an individual user, or a large corporate customer, it matters not;   feel free to express you opinions.

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229 Responses to “Customer Feedback”

  1. trasi hollingsworth says:

    Hi my daughter is allergic to 2-bromo 2-nitropropane 1.3 diol and when in contact it makes her eyes swell and puff and go really sore and she cant see for days at a time. i was told by the hospital this is contact dermatitis will your product help control condition as a barrier or not. thankyou for your help.

  2. denise shore says:

    Working in the nhs on a busy ward, I am constantly washing my hands, this was taking all the moisture out of my skin and despite using moisturisers regularly my hands were dry and flaky. I came across the dermashield website and thought I would give it a go,there was a money back gaurantee so I had nothing to lose. The first time I used dermashield I noticed an immediate improvement, my hands felt soft and smooth, with no flaking skin! I apply it up to 5 times in a 12.5 hour shift, finding that works best for me.

  3. Anwar hussain london says:

    I recently contracted contact dermatitis after being exposed to hydrochorlic acid on many occassion. I have tried every product from hand creams barrier creams and so fourth.I even changed my diet to dairy free and yeast free what I have come to understand is any form of irritant is a potential hazard I really hope derma is shield will help me in protecting my hands

    • Anwar hussain london says:

      I will let you know how things go with derma shield. My hands are in pretty good shape at the moment after a long recovery process but it can fall apart very quickly. IE blisters cracks rashes lesions and completely dryed out hands. What I hope derma shield will achieve is restoration of the hands to its original form.
      Please Chris can you leave your thoughts and comments as am very new to this type of skin condition.
      Thank you

      • Hi Anwar

        Skin dermatitis varies in severity. Often it starts as a mild intermittent complaint, but can become severe dermatitis. The affected skin initially becomes red and dry which progresses to itchy papules (bumps) and fluid-filled blisters (vesicles), scaling, cracking (fissures), weeping (exudation) and swelling (oedema). Bacterial infection can result in pustules, crusting and pain. Longstanding dermatitis at the ends of the fingers may result in deformed nails.

        The answer is always the same, but it’s not easy!

        Try to identify what it is that is causing the problem. It could be something as simple as washing your hands excessively with anti-bacterial soap. But equally it may be very difficult to identify one single action or substance that’s causing the problem.

        Can you avoid coming into contact with the irritant that is causing the problem?

        Can you wear good quality and appropriate gloves?

        Whilst you’re doing the above ensure you use Derma Shield at least 4 times a day and even more when your skin feels particularly dry.

        At all times beware of infections and if you have concerns make sure you see your doctor.

        Hope it all goes well for you.


        • Anwar hussain london says:

          Thank you peter I will try my upmost to do all of the above.
          As you have mention the elimination process is very difficult I have become very weary of any products cosmetic soap and sodium laurate sulphate. Just one more question for you peter is this a lifes long condition or do people makes a full recovery.
          At this moment in time my line of work does involve handling corrosive and irritant products I wear gloves sometimes 2 or 3 layers.
          Thanks for your reply peter

          Anwar london

          • Hi Anwar.

            Contact irritant dermatitis is normally a skin condition that can be controlled. If you take a week or two off work (and I do understand that’s not always easy) and your skin improves, then it will be a very strong indication that the irritant is something you are coming into contact with in work.

            Best wishes


  4. margaret yates says:

    I bought dermashield for my daughter who has been a hairdresser for 6 years and its safe to say her hands were so rough they looked like she had been in a bath for a week they were sore and cracked. over the years we have tried most products on the market which don’t work, they only last until you put your hands in water again. She has been using dermashield for a week and its amazing we can’t believe the difference to her hands they are smooth and soft the soreness has gone. Thank goodness I found dermashield website. It would be nice if you could buy this product in stores but the ordering and delivery process was very efficient.

  5. Chris Wheeler says:

    Like so many others who have commented here, I suffer from dry and cracked hands, particularly in the winter and made much worse if handling oils, or dusty materials such as cement or plaster. Dermashield has been saving my skin for many years. If I don’t keep up with the applications when using these materials, I am very soon reminded by splits on knuckles and finger tips.
    I did tell my Doctor who seemed very interested and tried ordering some, not just for me but himself as well. Unfortunately, his practice’s drug suppliers do not stock it and didn’t seem inclined to do so, so I continue to buy direct from you. I think the purchase price may be putting them off, but they just don’t seem to appreciate how long a can of the stuff can last. 10p per application probably compares favourably with all the skin treatment drugs they do supply.

    • Thanks for your comments Chris.

      Derma Shield is available through all pharmacies on NHS prescriptions. It is shown in the “Chemist & Druggist” under PIP code 219-3936. All the pharmacy has to do is contact either the “specials department” of their normal wholesaler, or contact us directly.

      It is straight forward and we supply pharmacies (large chains and independents) all over the country. If you have any problems please contact us with the pharmacy details and we will contact them to advise on the methods they can use to get Derma Shield for you.



      • Chris Wheeler says:

        Thanks for that. The pharmacy at the surgery tried last year to order it, but this time I have a chemist prescription and my local Lloyds has ordered it. Not sure where they are getting it from and waiting a call from them to stay they have it. If they have a problem with it, I will let them have the details from your reply.


  6. sean says:

    Been using dermashield for the past 2 years as a mechanic and has made a massive difference to the state of my hands. My hands used to dry out and crack and start bleeding, not only does it moisturise my hands and stop them cracking, but also keeps my hands clean. So much easier to wash and they come up clean 1st time.

  7. John Colburn says:

    Hi. I love derma Shield and I have now got it on perscription . Dont supose I would be intiteled to the free 50 ml .Great Stuff thanks.

  8. Grace Welsh says:


    I have read some of the comments and I really hope your cream can help.. I am really at the end of my tether..I have been attending the doctor for nearly a year and am only just being referred to a dermotogist (exuse my spelling) but having contacted the hospital it will be at least 12 wks before I can be seen. I have very red angry looking hands with very dry and itchy skin which is spreading now down past my wrists, over my knuckles the the backs of my hands plus my feet are also infected and when the skin splits it makes walking very sore. I am willing to try anything however can you buy this in a chemist or can you only order this online? I desperatly want to get this so if i can today I will go to buy it.. Many thanks grace

  9. Edwina Perry says:

    I found Derma Shield on google search a week or so ago, since I got married in June I’ve had a small patch of dermatitis under my wedding and engagement ring, I’ve tried using hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacist but it only helped short term and came back as soon as I stopped using it which was very frustrating. I then stopped wearing my rings, wore rubber gloves when cleaning and moisturised my hand regularly but nothing helped. Then 3 weeks ago my 4 year old daughter got terrible gastroenteritis and was Ill for 5 days so I was continuously washing my hands, it resulted in both hands being covered in sore red scaly patches that were sometimes itchy and even after my daughter got better it was still really bad and hurt when I washed and dried my hands. I ordered Derma Shield as I have heard of it before, I also get psoriasis and tried using it when I had a flare up 7 years ago when I was breast feeding my first child, unfortunately it didn’t work for that condition but after using it on my hands 3 times a day for just a week I can say all the dermatitis has completely gone and my hands are very soft! I’ve cut down to using it once at night now and will continue throughout the winter, it really is a miracle cure and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you!

    • Hi Edwina

      I’m so pleased that Derma Shield has helped you. Please may I make one suggestion to you?

      From what you have written it seems that you may be having problems with something that you’re regularly using on your hands (soap, washing up liquid etc). If this is the case then please also use Derma Shield in the morning as well. This way your skin will have some protection from whatever is irritating it.

      Best wishes


      • Edwina Perry says:

        Thank you Peter,
        I think you are right as not having used any the day I posted my comment I did some cleaning wearing quite old rubber gloves and I also got some water in them while cleaning and the following day one hand has flared up again between my fingers! It’s very tight and itchy but I’ve been using DS 3-4 times a day since and it has calmed it a little again, I shall be buying new gloves before cleaning again

  10. Carol says:

    Hi, Have just come across your website and would like to think that derma shield could be what I’ve been looking for. I have been suffering with severe contact dermatitis/eczema over that past 15 months. I have been seeing a dermatologist, have undergone a series of skin patch tests and have been found to be sensitive to balsam of Peru. Due to this I have been advised to avoid all fragranced products. I have been prescribed several steroid creams and ointments non of which have managed to totally clear my skin. My flare-ups are mainly on my face (around my eyes) my mouth and my neck, with a few patches on my arms wrists and a couple of isolated patches on my torso. I have recently joined a health club and started to swim regularly. I have now also developed a weeping from behind my ears that I think is linked with the swimming. My question is, do you think that I would get any relief from my symptoms using derma shield as reading the testimonials no-one has stated that they are suffering as a result of an allergic reaction.

  11. Abi says:

    I’m a trainee hairdresser and having very sensitive skin anyway I quickly developed dermatitis. Last week my hands were so bad I thought I had to give up! Having been to the doctors they gave me every cream and lotion they could give me and nothing worked. At that point I was up for trying anything so came across dermashield- after one application they had already improved dramatically- I’ve been using it for two days now and they’ve completely cleared up! I know I’m going to have to always protect my hands but knowing I can get dermashield on prescription is amazing! Worth every penny! Xxx

  12. carol says:

    I developed contact excema, which soon spread to other parts of body, when at ideal home years ago i purchased derma shield…and after 18 years of eczema it cleared it all up within a month, brilliant, worked a miracle on me.

  13. Susan Bisby says:

    Could you tell me if derma shield can be used with sun tan lotion .

    • Thank you for your question, Susan. This question has been asked before, but since I am sure many people are wondering about this during the summer months, I’ll answer it again here.

      When using Derma Shield in conjunction with a sunscreen, you should apply Derma Shield first. However, you should be aware of the following issues.

      There are broadly two generic types of sunscreen.

      The first broad generic type of sunscreen works by creating a physical block that reflects the sun’s UV rays. You can identify this type of sunscreen as its ingredients usually contain natural minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. When used along with Derma Shield, these sunscreens will probably remain effective.

      The second broad generic type of sunscreen works by bonding with your skin and absorbing the sun’s UV rays. You can identify this type of sunscreen as its ingredients usually contain chemicals such as avobenzone, Mexoryl SX, Tinosorb or oxybenzone. These products are likely to be impaired by any pre-application of Derma Shield and are unlikely to provide their intended protection.

      Unfortunately, there are so many sunscreen products on the market, using a variety and mix of different ingredients, that I cannot give a more precise answer than this.

  14. Eva Birch says:

    I have used DS for years and years and would not consider gardening without it.I have reccommended it many times to friends and members of my local gardening club and cannot praise it highly enough.I used to be a nurse prior to retirement and never had to worry about grubby hands and nails.I now do far more gardening but my hands remain soft and pristine.I wish I could send a photograph of them

  15. Helen says:

    This product is simply wonderful and exceeded all my expectations both as a barrier and as a hand moisturiser. It was used when plastering and stopped my partner’s hands drying out, kept them clean when gardening and doing building work. For the first time in ages his hands were respectable. It lasts for ages too, although both our cans went missing after 3 or 4 years so who knows how much they had left in them. Amazing stuff, everyone should have some.

  16. Emma Price says:

    I have just purchased Derma Shield for my poor Welsh cob who is is suffering from chronic sweet itch on her tail, having had throughbreds previously I have never had to deal with this problem before and it really is sad to see her tail rubbed raw and its making her grumpy too so if its as good as most people say I will be more than happy with it and will be a regular customer as I have tried all kinds, spent literally £100s and nothing works!
    I know there is no cure but to keep it under control at least would be fab,I’ll get some before and after pics so other horse owners can see how well it hopefully works, wish us luck!

  17. Richard Connolly says:

    Can Derma Shield be purchased in Ireland?

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes Derma Shield is available in Ireland.

      Please contact Michael Walsh at:
      Hard Metal Machine Tools Ltd
      Dargan House
      Duncairn Terrace
      County Wicklow

      Telephone: 00 353 1 286 2466

  18. Can anyone tell me if Dermashiled works for turpentine and paraffin solvents please. Printmaking has disintegrated my nails and my joints are aching and sore.

    • Hi Hilary

      If you are using solvents like this a lot then you should definitely be using the appropriate personal protective equipment. However, if you are thinking about low level usage or the occasional splash then Derma Shield will provide some protection for your skin.


  19. Em Sayers says:

    Hi there does anyone know if I put sun block on my neck then DS to protect re:uniform given on day for various jobs that might not be washed in non bio will my neck be protected for sun plus non non-bio allergies or should I pop a double layer on?

    • Thank you for your question, Em Sayers. At this time of year, I’m sure that many people are thinking about this very same topic.

      Firstly, let me assure you that, using Derma Shield on its own will provide a microscopic shield on your skin’s surface. This will help prevent direct contact with washing powder residues on your clothes. Thus, in most cases, Derma Shield is highly effective at preventing allergies and rashes that can result if you are prone to suffer an adverse reaction to any particular type of washing powder.

      When using Derma Shield in conjunction with a sunscreen, you should apply Derma Shield first. However, you should be aware of the following issues.

      There are broadly two generic types of sunscreen.

      The first broad generic type of sunscreen works by creating a physical block that reflects the sun’s UV rays. You can identify this type of sunscreen as its ingredients usually contain natural minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. When used along with Derma Shield, these sunscreens will probably remain effective.

      The second broad generic type of sunscreen works by bonding with your skin and absorbing the sun’s UV rays. You can identify this type of sunscreen as its ingredients usually contain chemicals such as avobenzone, Mexoryl SX, Tinosorb or oxybenzone. These products are likely to be impaired by any pre-application of Derma Shield and are unlikely to provide their intended protection.

      Unfortunately, there are so many sunscreen products on the market, using a variety and mix of different ingredients, that I cannot give a more precise answer than this.

  20. Suzanne Flynn says:

    I just wanted to let evryone know that Dermashield has not only softened the skin on my hands and healed the painful cracks, but it has also softened my cuticles and stopped them looking so raggy! Well done Dermashield, now I don’t need to buy expensive cuticle oil!

  21. Julie Laidler says:

    My son works as a Barman & is always putting his hands in water numerous times a day, his hands & skin started to get really dry, blotchy & flaky, to the point they were red & sore. His Doctor said he couldn’t give him anything apart from E45 as anything he said he could prescribe him wouldn’t completely clear it. So I searched the internet for some kind of barrier cream etc & this is when Derma Shield came up in my search. He has used this for one week & already the difference is unreal, we will continue to use Derma Shield as this is the best product by far.

  22. Rebecca Grint says:

    My husband developed severe contact dermatites on his hands a couple of years ago. His hands were so sore that he could barely pick things up. They became very infected and he required a number of courses of antibiotics to clear the infection. Before this, he was prescribed steroids that cleared the initial problem but it returned as soon as the steroids stopped. The last time (hopefully) this rred he was almost suicidal.

    Seararching the Internet, I found Derma Shield. He tried it and he has not looked back for a year.

    Thank you Benchmark!

  23. Gillian Racher says:

    I quote your statement: “Used when gardening, our product will repair previous damage, protect against additional dryness and reduce the risk of infection from external substances. Furthermore, Derma Shield’s defensive layer repels dirt and makes it easier to wash off all the garden grime.”

    After years of suffering during the hayfever season from contact dermatitis, mainly on my hands and around my eyes I can at last once more enjoy my hobby of gardening. Dermashield has made such a difference. Although I still have to be careful, by using antihistamine eyedrops and Dermashield I no longer get an irritating rash around my eyes and the skin on my hands has improved so much. It is no longer dry and cracked.

    Thank you so much for such a good product.

  24. Lara Lawson says:

    Derma shield has changed my life, it is absolutely brilliant, I couldnt do with out it now!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much

    Lara Lawson

  25. karen says:

    I brought derma shield for my son who suffers with his hands now he is working with oil in the garage, it has made a huge difference to his skin even though it has only been a short time he
    ‘s been using it.

  26. Geoff says:

    I’ve used Derma Shield for more years than I care to remember with excellent results. As a keen gardener I find it invaluable at this time of year as it provides the perfect protection for hands that are constantly in contact with potting composts and soil. Prior to using Derma Shield I always had problems with cracked and dry hands but this product, if used as directed, provides complete protection. And with painting jobs too, an application before starting work means that paint comes off the hands easily at the end of the day.

  27. Keith says:

    Have used the product both for work and DIY & fishing. It more than does what it says on the tin! Excellent

  28. Stuart Willett says:

    I recently developed a problem when I changed swimming pool and developed an eczema / dermatitis reaction to the chemicals in my outer ear and around my nose. I tried a few different methods to protect these areas withut success but, using Dermashield appears to have resolved this problem for me. Well done Dermashield.

  29. Dawn says:

    I am a 1st year nursing student and have really suffered with my hands because of all the washing and alcohol gel used. I have dermatitis on my hands, I admit to being scepticle when I found derma shield because in desperation my google search was “dermatitis cure!”
    But then I saw the price and thought usually cons were expensive so I bought the small can!
    What can I say, it works, it really does! if my hands are sore it does still work by the fact they dont get any worse during the day.
    I will be buying more, I have tried to get this as a prescription but have failed but it is well worth the money to save the agony of sore cracked hands. THUMBS UP THE DERMA SHIELD!!!

    • Keep trying the prescription route Dawn.

      Although it depends on your doctor, as you will see from some of the comments there are quite a few doctors prescibing Derma Shield

  30. Jonathan Wood says:

    Have used Derma Shield for many years and would not be without it. I use it for a number of purposes including; stopping “barbers rash” after shaving (tried lots of products to stop this and Derma Shield is the only thing that has worked), applying before going fishing to stop bait smells lingering on hands and as a general moisturiser to stop skin on fingers cracking during winter.

  31. Martin Gray says:

    I have purchased Dermashiled for staff in my last organisation and my current company on both occassions it was for use by time served vehicle mechanics who work in all weathers and conditions. The main problems they had were cracked skin and sometimes the cold weather caused then to bleed. The cynics were doubtfull it would help as they had tried everything. Surprise, they came back to me for more when they has exhausted the small trial cans. Keep up the good work.

  32. Carole says:

    Since I discovering Dermashield a year or so ago, I have been able to get relief from my contact dermatitis and eczema. You will never know, how good it feels to be able to say that, after decades of splits, bleading, itchy, blistering skin on my hands. It really is remarkable stuff and so gentle. I can’t imagine being without dermashield now, as it certainly saves me from a lot of suffering. Thank you

  33. Ian Salt says:

    I had suffered with contact dermatitis for many years until a Doctor recommended Derma Shield. At that time it was quite hard to find, but a man cameto my home – did the acid on hand thing & I gave it a try.
    It will be no surprise to all who read this to hear it worked and in a matter of weeks had cleared up my dry and cracked fingers.
    Since then I have used it regularly as a barrier cream and as a treatment when my skin problem flares up again. I have recommended it to many others over the years and am amazed it is not on everyone’s shopping list.

    Well done Derma Shield for a truly great product.

    • Derma Shield is available on NHS prescription but unfortunately not many doctors know about it.

      I always suggest to customers that they take a can of Derma Shield with them when they visit their doctor and let the doctor see the improvement in the skin. Once the doctor can see the improvement they are far more likely to prescribe it.

      Ask your doctor to prescribe the 500ml can on NHS prescription. Your Doctor may not be able to find a reference within “MIMMS” however it is listed in “Chemist & Druggist” under PIP code 219-3936. Your local pharmacy will probably order it direct from us.

  34. Jennifer Cross says:

    I started using Derma Shield a few years ago. My nails were breaking had become completey dried out and also had small white dots on the surface as it became pitted.

    I used Derma Shield because the Doctor couldn’t suggest anything to help. After about a week I could see an improvement. I use Derma Shield every day and my nails are now in perfect condition. (I have told the Doctor this!).

  35. Peter Chapman says:

    Dermashield to the rescue …

    My mother had severe wet eczema as a child and was wrapped in bandages and all manner of lotions until she was nearly 12 years of age, thankfully I was spared that trauma and have been free from it until I hit “the big 4-0″ when I started to develop dry eczema. Since then my skin condition has deteriorated and the usual potions on offer simply dont work or relieve the itching (which could drive you insane!).

    A well known shopping channel had an intruging demo of a chap with dermashield pouring a bottle of acid on to his hand – so this product had to be quitie something!

    I tried dermashield and was instantly converted for life – it doesnt get better than this – 3 cheers for Dermaihield – thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, Dermashield!!!

  36. joanne says:

    I discovered Dermashield a year ago and it has changed my life. I suddenly became alergic to alot of substances and after seeing doctor after doctor I myself found Dermashield. It has stopped reactions on my hands and I can work again without reaction. thanx so much

  37. My husband who loves swimming had to stop because he developed a rash and iritation from the chemicals used. By applying dermasheild before his swim he is now enjoying his hobby again.

  38. Peter Still says:

    I’ve been using Dermashield since the mid-eighties, when I was restoring a TriumphTR4A and found using only way I could keep my fingernails clean was applying Dermashield before each evening’s exposure to 25-year old grease and filth. The only problem is stopping my wife from pinching it to hkeep her hands clean and soft when gardening!
    Also last year I mentioned Dermashield to a workmate whose wife has suffered from dermatitis for 12 years, in spite of trying every cream and ointment the chemist couldoffer. I lent him a tin of Dermashield, and after only two weeks he told me his wife’s hands had cleared up. Just checked with him and her dermatitis has completely cleared.

  39. GrahamR says:

    Dermashield is the first product that I have found that stopped the skin on my hands cracking and I am very grateful for this. I tried many creams – including Betnovate on prescription. My only negative comment is that it should be easier to obtain at retail outlets please.

  40. Chris Bailey says:

    My wife has dermatitis on her hands and has been using Derma Shield for a year with fantastic results. Derma Shield is easy to apply, twice a day and offers the protection she needs resulting in hands that dermatitis free.
    An excellent product and highly recommended, thank you.

  41. Steve says:

    Great stuff used it for few years now and cannot fault it, just wish it was available in the sheds.

  42. K Herbert says:

    I bought it for my production staff who are handling paper all the time and the response from them has been great, their hands are no longer drying out and cracking since they started to use Dermashield daily.

  43. Pete Rawlings says:

    I’ve used this product for 2 years now, especially whilst using epoxy products and thinners. It has always provided excellent protection.

  44. peter baum says:

    I use Derma shield as protection while at work.I’m a plasterer so as you could understand my hands become very dry and irritated.I’ve tried many products in the past but derma shield shine much brighter than the rest. – Very impressed

  45. odette says:

    Initially bought this for husband ( auto mechanic) to use several years ago as he was suffering with dermatitis, which has long cleared up, but he uses it religiously twice a day & it really keeps his hands clean & healthy. I also have a can for use when gardening – no ingrained dirt at all even after handling clay soil & potting compost all day. Great stuff.

  46. Stuart says:

    Discovered Derma Shield at a Health and Safety show 7 years ago, has kept me in a job I love but nearly had to leave due to industrial dermatitis.

  47. Neil says:

    I’ve been using Dermashield on and off for years, having first come across it when it was sold through MLM and had a demo of the acid test. I now use it occasionally as a barrier cream particularly when doing bike or car repairs which it’s brilliant for and makes getting greasy hands clean very easy. I’ve also tried it for eczema but with limited success although I’ll definitely give it another go.

  48. Steve Rawlings says:

    I am Farmer in Shropshire and have been using Dermashield for what seems like half a lifetime….check…. well not far off anyway! After seeing it on Tomorrows World, I then saw it actually being demonstrated at I think, the Royal Show, and purchased some there and then and I have been using it ever since, getting through on average 2-3 cans/yr.

    It is the only product that I have ever found that can deal with keeping the stench wet, slightly off silage out of your skin. It is also brilliant with numerous other unpleasant products we use on the farm, and I make a special point of applying the product when I am using fertiliser or chemicals that can irritate the skin. Good for when you are lambing or calving, as it allows you to clean up your hands and wrist quickly afterwards!!

    As most users know, it is ace in the workshop, and I always cuss if I start working a piece of oily machinery and then realise I have not put any dermashield on. When I come in and use a hand cleaner, my hands clean up well after using the dermashield, but are still grimy and dry if I forget.. Today, i had a hydraulic pipe burst 20 miles from home, no hand cleaner etc, however, although my hands we revolting a quick dap of swarfega and they werer clean and in good nicke, after being “basted” in hydraulic oil for 2-3 hours.

    I also used Dermashield on nappy rash on my children when they were small (eldest is now 19!), DS is good on the face when putting on stage makeup too! My wife uses it when gardening, it is good at preventing grass stains getting into the skin and is good for the skin too, I am told!

    Yep, we like the stuff. :)

    • Steve Rawlings says:

      I should say, that my son suffers with eczema and we have found DS to help in the condition kicking off at times. Not sure why and hardly scientific!

    • SteveR says:

      One thing that I wish Dermashield would fix ASAP, is the truly dreadful website shop.

      It is absolute rubbish and I am aware of it putting off at least 2 people who I had recommended the product to. If I want to purchase something, I do not need to go through password nonsense and the like, it is intrusive and annoying and leads to extra junk mail as I have already found…..

      I would order by phone as I used to, but now, we have to pay a premium rate to speak to one of the girls in Wales and place an order! To my mind, it is more stupid, marketing rubbish from some website “designer” and needs sorting. I wanted to order a couple of cans tonight, but with the website glitching every 2 minutes and then demanding passwords etc, I am about ready to give up after using Dermashield almost since it’s launch.

      • Shop
        Steve, I’m really sorry that you find the shop frustrating to use. I’m not sure if there were any particular server issues at the specific time you were using it, but generally it is very robust and doesn’t normally cause many problems. If there are any aspects that you find irritating please let me know as I really do value feedback.

        We all thought long and hard about asking customers to create an account. In the end we felt that, for the significant majority of our customers, it would make repeat orders easier. If we didn’t create an account for you then each visit would mean you would need to re-type all your address information.
        If your anything like me, you’ll probably forget your password. If that’s the case then there is a simple click that will force our server to send you your existing password.

        Junk mail
        Like most people I detest unsolicited junk mail (SPAM). Please accept my personal promise that we have never sold or passed on any of our customers’ details. If you are on some form of SPAM list it’s not from us. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from our blog mails (about one every three weeks), then just click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of our e-mail. The only downside is that we’ll never send you any special offers!
        Internet pricing

        You will not pay a premium for ordering by telephone, however you will not get the discount that is available online. The difference in costs between internet and phone is purely the value of the saving in processing the two different types of orders.

        I hope this addresses your concerns however if you have any further concerns just post them here and I’ll respond.



        • Steve says:

          Thanks for your response peter.

          “You will not pay a premium for ordering by telephone, however you will not get the discount that is available online. The difference in costs between internet and phone is purely the value of the saving in processing the two different types of orders.

          I hope this addresses your concerns however if you have any further concerns just post them here and I’ll respond.”

          I appreciate your taking the time to reply, I do not agree with you and as I have said earlier, your shop does put some people off! On the point you raise above, I would suggest that a premium is precisely what you are charging! If it really costs that much to process an order, it would seem a bit OTT!!

          However, it is your business and you will do as you will with it!


        • Steve says:

          I would also point out that your password notification is broke! I put in the email address that you have been contacting me with and it spits me out with “not recognised” page!

          I can see I am not supposed to be using Dermashield anymore… :)

          • Hi Steve

            The problem with not being able to sign in is due to you having two accounts on the shop neither of which use the email address you use for this blog. I’ll send the details to you by email.

  49. James Fiennes says:

    A truely great product. I have only just rediscovered it after some years and it is just as good if not better. I use it before working on my old landrover and all the oil & grime simply washes straight off. No more black fingers when I get back in the office. Wonderful.

  50. Stephen Spedding says:

    Who would of thought it even a gravediggers hands can be soft with using derma shield how it works who knows but it does very well not just for keeping your hands protected but any splits in your fingers seem to clear up after only a few days of use top product.

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