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Help Teddy Get His Life Back Into Order

A fun puzzle for those odd few minutes during your coffee break

Teddy seems to have got himself into rather a muddle, can you help him sort himself out?

WPjqPuzzle Image

  • Click on the MIX ! button to shuffle the pieces & start the game
  • Click  on  a  tile to  move  it  into  the  adjacent  spare space
  • Move the tiles around to recreate the original picture
  • Click the  ORIGINAL button to see the picture
  • Click on the  NUMBERS button for a hint
  • Click on the MIX ! button to start again
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One Response to “Help Teddy Get His Life Back Into Order”

  1. Geoff Thorne says:

    Although my problems with ‘contact ezcema’ have not been eliminated, since using dermashield there has been a slight improvement. Having said that, the condition of my skin before and after ‘outbreaks’ has improved significantly. My work means my hands and arms are constantly in water [chlorinated] which, especially during winter, would lead them to dry out and split, however, this last winter I have not suffered from that at all. That alone has proved to me the protection dermashield is giving. Also the ease of use compared to other barrier creams on the market is so much better …. even after washing your hands it has still proved to be effective.