Using Derma Shield when painting

The benefits of using Derma Shield when painting. Not everyone enjoys doing DIY at home, but it is a task that most of us have to undertake at some point. Derma Shield has so many great uses and when people ask us what Derma Shield is used for, it is never a short answer because … Read more

Using Derma Shield in Conjuction with Sun screen !!

Using Derma Shield in conjunction with sunscreen.   Sunscreen is crucial to skincare when out in the sun weather that be working or for leisure.When using Derma Shield in conjunction with a sunscreen, you should apply Derma Shield first. However, you should be aware of the following issues. There are broadly two generic types of … Read more

Skin Health Care Whilst In The Garden

Skin Care In The Garden – Why You Need Derma Shield If you are a keen gardener, you will know how inspiring it is to be outside cultivating your land and watching plants mature. Spending time outdoors is wonderful for your physical and mental health but whilst you are reaping these rewards, you may not … Read more

Derma Shield Barrier Cream

Barrier creams, lotions and various skin protection concoctions have been in use for centuries with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, traditional barrier creams have a number of disadvantages. Nowadays, it may not surprise you to learn, modern technological advances have made it possible to develop a product that overcomes the traditional problems associated with barrier … Read more